The application form can be downloaded from the school website and Rs. 500 towards the same may be added to the registration fee. Alternatively the form can be collected from the Accounts Office. This form is also used for registration. Application will be issued from 9 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Registration Form
Application Form


The parents or guardians of prospective students should register the name of the child along-with the mention of the class and academic year to which admission is sought. Children are admitted to the DMI St.Joseph Global School in December each year. Class Pre-Kg is preferred as the entry point. Beyond these classes, there is seldom any vacancy, though occasionally seats do become available in higher classes.Admission is based on an Aptitude Analysis held the preceding November. As there are a large number of applicants, priority is given to those who register first.


All students will have to appear for an Entrance Test in English, Mathematics and Second Language to qualify for admission. The Aptitude Test and Personal Interview will be held in the school on any convenient day between December and January every year.

Admission will be confirmed only after assessing the performance of the child in the Aptitude Test and in a Personal Interview with the respective Coordinators. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit a Conduct Certificate from the school attended previously along with a Recommendation Letter. The question papers will be based on the general syllabi and not on the current textbooks. Note that the child should be at least 6 years old for admission to Grade I.

Newly admitted children will be permitted to join only on completion of admission formalities, which include:

  1. Receipt of Application Form duly signed by the parent(s).
  2. Submission of Transfer Certificate, previous school’s Result Sheet/ Record and Transcript /Board Examination Result, Conduct Certificate, Copies of three passport size photographs, Date of Birth Certificate and Community Certificate.
  3. The completely filled application with required details and documents will be valid for the further process.
  4. Three Installment payment of fee, as applicable.


Prior to admission, students are expected to take up an Aptitude Analysis. Parents will be informed well in advance, provided the name of the child has been registered with the School. Admission will be based strictly on the performance of the student in the Aptitude Analysis. The Aptitude Analysis for Classes V and VI will comprise Mathematics and English of one hour duration each. For classes VII to IX, the assessment will comprise Mathematics, English and General Science of one hour duration each. The assessment will be strictly according to the C.B.S.E. syllabus of the previous class. Prior to admission, the School management may interact with the child along with the parents.