From Principal’s Desk…

Towards Achieving 21st Century Vision…

DMI Founder

    Education is a powerful tool with which one can shape up the world. The 21st century learning accords more importance to holistic development of each child. A child should not only be nurtured intellectually, socially, emotionally, and psychologically but also they should be prepared to confront real life situations boldly and confidently. This must be the quintessential tenet of education. A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes – Mahatma Gandhi. A child should be inculcated that their thoughts will shape their future. Therefore, they should be encouraged to think positively in every difficult situation.

    As light cannot be hidden, the light of education cannot be hidden. It has to glow and be of utility to others. It has to be transferred from one person to another person. No child shall be left out from getting exposure to anything that would add a feather to their hat of success. The whole educational set up, to which we all form part as educationists-teachers, and parents, shall endeavor to tap each child’s latent talents and hone them to the fullest. Every stage of a child’s growth is crucial, neglecting one and focusing on another will not translate into a holistic development of the child. Every child has enormous untapped Creativity dormant in them. It’s our utmost responsibility to tap the Creativity and discover the Real Person in each child. Moreover, we should create suitable platforms for the pupils to showcase their Talents, Creativity and Skills. You and I shoulder an enviable profession of molding a child strongly rooted in Ethics and Values, first as good personality and second as good citizen to the nation.

    Those who have a vision coupled with a mission can never miss out the cushion of success. The school has been showing success in every sphere pertaining to a child’s growth right from its inception. That is to say it has been indisputably set on a successful voyage with each of our priceless contribution in one way or the other. As we all know that success is a journey, those who have cut out a niche for themselves will have to keep themselves on the run to be on top. One should not be complacent with one’s success. One should always strive for excellence, more and more, as the sky is the limit for one’s success journey.

    The school envisions and endeavors to accord periodically training and in-service workshops to recharge, reenergize and rejuvenate the teaching fraternity in order to enhance their teaching skills with a view to delivering the best to the pupils, who are entrusted in their care. In order to cater to the needs of the pupils we have an enterprising team who are the catalysts of these developments at school. In fact, they have been rendering fantastic service to the institution with fabulous dedication and awe-inspiring commitment par excellence, without whose support and cooperation this feat would not have become a reality.

    Let every teacher, parent and everyone who have become part of this noble profession of shaping future citizens in the classrooms recommit, rededicate and revitalize themselves for taking ahead this mission with a fervent enthusiasm…

    With Regards

    Mr. T. Backiyaraj M.A.(Eng), B.Ed., M.Phil., PG Dip. in ELT, Ph.D